Blueberry Cake

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  • 2 eggs
  • 150g/5.29oz blueberries
  • 250g/8.82oz of self raising flour
  • 115g/4.05oz of butter/margarine
  • 70g to 100g/2.47oz to 3.53oz of caster sugar (I prefer brown)

  • Method

    •Heat up the oven to about 180°c/356°F for about 15min.
    •Grease baking tin with butter/oil/margarine (whatever you have).
    •Cream the sugar and butter/margarine in a large enough bowl.
    •Mash/blend blueberries and then add the 2 eggs and mix.
    •Now mix the blueberry/egg mix and the butter/sugar mix until consistent .
    •Sieve in the flour and mix to make a lovely dough,add the nuts as well.
    •Now add the dough into your baking tin and put into your preheated oven.
    •Bake for EXACTLY 40 min at 180°C/356°F, then reduce to 150°c/302°F for 25min.
    •Using the times above it should bake well, check with a spaghetti strand.