Yellow Basmati Rice

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  • 1.Full cup of basmati rice.
  • 2.A cube of chicken stock.
  • 3.Half a cup of peas.
  • 4.Tbs of olive oil with garlic.
  • 5.Half a tsp of tumeric powder.


NB: This assumes you're using an electric hob, for gas, reduce flame to the lowest point when water has almost evaporated.

•Soak the rice in cold water for about 15 min and then rinse it.
•Add oil to pan/pot, garlic, tumeric and the washed rice and fry for about a min.
•Add a cup full of water, the peas and crush the stock cube into the mix.
•Bring to boil, when the water has almost evaporated, switch off hob and add lid to simmer.
•It will steam through, just keep an eye so the rice doesn't get mashy. Job done, now serve with you relish.